Who the Hell is Augustus Roark?


What the Hell is Augustus Roark?

Augustus Roark has pioneered the 'modern vintage' look... With its name paying homage to two iconic, and individualistic, literary characters, the Augustus Roark brand epitomizes going against the grain and refuses to be put into a box...Augustus Roark harnesses the spirit of the soul-searching surfer of the West Coast, the 5th season ski-bum of Colorado, the sophisticated southerner, the Northeastern Iconoclast, the Prep-School Deadhead, the drummer that gets all the girls, and the Texan hipster...all in one. The Augustus Roark brand can be dressed up, or down, and will draw jealous looks from friends and strangers alike...never look more effortlessly cool, or be more comfortable, than in Augustus Roark clothing...this isn't for the after party, wear Augustus Roak at the 'after, after-party'.